Tim is a senior strategy activator and enablement leader with international experience in retail operations, logistics, agriculture, utilities, communications and rail transportation. Tim’s unique and diverse background with his proven ability to unite people globally, successfully developed and executed complex strategy plans, establish transparent and effective governance with instilling sustainable capabilities has enabled organizations to increase market value and position organizations for the future.
Tim’s passion is pulling together diverse and high performing teams, enabling a clear focus on the end game, and encouraging all people to speak out and give everything they must to achieve the goals. He has extensive experience in recovering and leading business and technology transformations, high profile audit advisories, customer experience strategy development and operations workflow automation resulting in organization share value increases. His diverse experience in business operations, information technology and international affairs for over 25 years

Tim’s most recent role was a National Leader as the Retail Operations PMO & Business Management Office and Chief of Staff experience within a national grocery retailer with excess of $10b annual revenues
The following 15 years experience included working with international consulting firms leading transformations, enterprise systems programs and merger recovery initiatives focusing on customer service & experience, operational efficiency improvement, positioning organizations for future markets and implementing governance capabilities across the globe with a focus on agriculture, retail, logistics, utilities and energy sectors
Tim then spent 10 years in the railroad transportation industry in the New Zealand, Canada and USA leading collaboration change with Signals & Communications, IT and Rail Operation s& Engineering with a focus on operational improvements and innovation to rail operations, switch & Intermodal yard management and locomotive & car maintenance facilities. Tim’s unique ability to connect any variable components was a valued contribution to the Y2K readiness efforts and recognized by leadership.
Tim’s career began at the UN through Concordia University that led him to international opportunities in Scandinavia and Northern Europe introducing technology into school programs